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“The biggest difference I noticed when Hewitt Accountancy took over my accounts was that having a single point of contact was hugely beneficial, rather than having a factory style approach to my accounts, where numerous people behind a generic email address work on individual aspects of my accounts without seeing the overall picture (i.e. where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing). My single point of contact at Hewitt Accountancy managed everything for me to transfer my accounts across.

They fully reviewed my accounts to date and found a number of significant errors in previous accounts which they were able to correct for me and this has saved me literally hundreds of pounds. They have also provided me with further recommendations on how to improve my tax efficiency moving forward and regular reminders to ensure all tax saving opportunities are maximised on time. I am now confident that my accounts are accurate, my tax position is fair and my accounts are being submitted on time.

All in all, an excellent, personal service from very competent accountants at a very reasonable price.”

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